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* Plus ICANN fee of ₨11.46/yr.

Are you paying an arm and a leg for domain registration?

If you are considering starting your own online business or perhaps you are not satisfied with your current web domain. There are cheap domain registration sites that provide the same options for a fraction of the price.There are hundreds of domain name providers over the internet, but when it comes to cost and quality no other provider can compete with us. We offer cheap domain registration and domain hosting with great customer support. You might be thinking that every service provider will claim the same, we know there are hundreds of other providers which might offer you a very low rate, but quality of service wouldn't be up to the mark, most of them just offer low grade suffixes, but we offer .com domain registration at cheap rate. Web Domain Design Hosting can register your com domain at up to 30% off competitor rates. Today, cheap domain registration is a potent way to save money and still get all the services that you expect from their more expensive counterparts. The $8.99 per year price entitles you to more than just a website.

International Domain Name Registration

Due to globalization, many companies have started to register domain names with international domain extensions. Global domain registration just got easier with Web Domain Design Hosting . We are one of the top registrars of global domain names, offering over 60 extensions. With a vast array of quality online tools, we manage your company's domain names hassle-free. Find internationalized domain names instantly by using our advanced domain tool.

CO Domain Names

Is your desired .com domain name already taken? Don't worry. You can try .co domain instead of .com. The intended use of this domain is entities related to Columbia. However, anyone can buy and register it with no restrictions. The co domain is relatively unexplored domain and still you can get a good number of premium domains. We offer this .co domain just for $29.99 and its related domains, .com.co, .nom.co and .net.co costs $39.99. Learn more about .co domain.

US Domains

.us is the top level domain extension for the country USA, the US citizens can buy and register it for all purposes. It is a most popular domain in USA next to .com. Grab a .us domain just for $7.99 which is the cheapest price in the domain industry. Register a .us domain with us and reach the most powerful customers in USA. Learn more about .us domain.

DE Domains - Germany

.DE is the international domain extension for Germany (Deutschland). It is one of the most popular domains in Europe. Germany has more than 68 million internet users (85% of its population) and is one of the fastest growing e-commerce market (€50 billion). We are a market leader specializing in de domain extensions. Register .de domain with us and make expand your online business in Germany. Learn more about .de domain.

UK Domain Names

We offer co.uk, me.uk and org.uk domains just for $9.99. Everyday thousands of UK domain names are being registered through online. UK is the Europe's biggest e-commerce market (€70 billion) and 88% of its population is internet users. Web Domain Design Hosting specializes in the registration of high quality UK domain names. You can register this domain only if you are a UK citizen. Learn more about .co.uk

BE Domain

The Belgium domain .be is one of the unrestricted domains and can be ordered through online without any difficulty. The cost of .be domain registration is $17.99/year. We guarantee you an easy as well as quick registration process with a smart and quick responsive support. Registering a .be domain will help you to discover new arenas for your business. Learn more about .be domains

JP Domain

.jp domain is Country code top-level domain for Japan introduced in 1986. This domain is managed by Japan Registry Service. Accredited registrars only can offer jp domain.The price of .jp domain extension is $99.99. Learn more about .jp domains

CA Domain

.ca is the country code for Canada, anyone who has resident address in Canada can register this domain. If business in Canada or with Canadian nationals is a possibility then a .ca is a must too. At just $12.99 .ca domains are set to become even more popular so grab yours while they're still available.We're now offering the .ca extension for registration at affordable price. Learn more about .ca domains

WS Domain

.ws is the Internet ccTLD for Samoa. The biggest advantage of this ws domain is still thousands of premium domains are available to register.Also this ws domain is an unrestricted domain and anyone can register without any problems. Learn more about .ws domains

MOBI Domain

Strengthen your online mobile phone business with an easily identifiable .mobi domain. World's top business organizations have their own mobi websites. With a .mobi domain, visitors to your site will know you'll be internationally respected as a site with most wanted mobile devices. Learn more about .mobi domains

We sell all the major domain extensions including .net, .org, .biz, .info, .at, .co.uk, .co.nz, .tw, .jobs, .eu, .fm, .tc, .tk, .vg, .mx, .ca, .nl, .am, .in, .cc, .es, .gs, .tv, .bz and com domain.

Best Web Hosting

Everything that you need to get your business online we can provide for you. You don't have one service with one company, and then another service with another company. Get everything that you need right here. Guess what? You don't have to pay with an arm and a leg either. We value the business of our customers. Just like we provide all these services in one place we are are giving you the best price possible. You will find a limited number of best web hosting services when you take advantage of cheap domain registration, including the following.

- Single Click Set Up

- Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

- 99.9% Uptime

- 24/7 Monitoring

- Customize for Your Online Business Needs

The one-click set up is designed to help anyone, even those with little experience get on the web quickly. The unlimited storage means that you can put as many images, videos, graphics and other information on your website without having to worry about storage issues. The unlimited bandwidth means that your website will download quickly and efficiently for visitors, making a great impression when they visit your web domain.

The 99.9% uptime is thanks to our cloud-based server systems being very resilient to any breakdowns. Your website stays up all the time so customers are not inconvenienced. The 24/7 monitoring insures that your website is safe from viruses and other potential issues. And last, but not least, the services for your web domain can be customized to fit your needs, meaning that you get what you want so that your website can best serve your customers.

Marketing Assistance: Over the last 10-15 years online market has just replaced the traditional market place. According to a research these days' people tend to stay home and buy online. In short web has become the most cost efficient solution for medium, small and large businesses. It doesn't matter whoever you are a student, celebrity or businessmen; a website can help you out to reach thousands of people in no time.The secret to creating profits from your website is centered on bringing in customer traffic. In today's competitive world, you need every advantage to help your website reach the largest audience possible while maximizing your profit potential. You can take advantage of the many marketing tools that are found here when you take advantage of this cheap domain registration.

Email Hosting: Email is still a vital part of marketing your online business. Having different email accounts can help you maximize your marketing potential. These are just a few of the services that you can take advantage. When you consider what $8.99 brings you, then having cheap domain registration is the first step towards controlling your costs and maximizing the potential for your website.

Take advantage of our huge list of customers that extends all across the world. This allows us to be able to set the price for domain registration at a cheaper price. We don't want you to pay a lot of money. We want you to just choose us. We want you as a customer. We're giving you the highest quality we can provide at the most affordable price that we can give. That's how good we are, and that's how satisfied we know you'll be with our services.

We're willing to give up a little in order to give you a lot!

How much do you expect to pay?

Domain names......................................................................................Rs.570 (per year)

Email accounts.....................................................................................Rs.45 (per month)

SSL and security..................................................................................Rs.1800 (per year)

Web hosting.........................................................................................Rs.245 (per month)

Shopping cart.......................................................................................Rs.600 (per month)

Website builder....................................................................................Rs.300 (per month)

these prices our definition of affordable quality

What other site offers this?

None but us!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"When I first saw these prices I was absolutely blown away. I didn't think that I was going to be able to get quality for this price. But I was amazed at the value I receive. Their services directly competes with the big boys. I am a loyal customer. This is my only go to site for these services. I feel valued as a customer, and I am absolutely satisfied with their services. I highly recommend!".

Tina J.

"You literally can't beat the price of these services. I looked. This is the best place to get value, quality, and affordability. You get everything you need in one place. You don't have to pay several different places to get this services. To be honest these guys could charge more, and I know people will pay for it. It's simply worth it. I'm glad I patronized them. Absolutely worth it".

Danny W.

"Wow! Seriously, I am in complete awe. This has to be the best bang for the buck. I can easily afford these services with no problem. I really appreciate these low prices. I can focus on my online business without having to pay so much. They have all the tools I need to make my business succeed. So very satisfied with these guys."

Pamela A.

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